Barbara La PointeArtist in Residency

As an Artist in Residency at your school, Barbara will bring together the students, faculty, administration, and staff to create a true work of art. Her programs usually run three or six months long, and have been phenomenally successful at both the elementary and junior high levels.

The benefits of having a working professional artist lead your students through a project in your school can’t be stressed enough. Barbara not only facilitates exposure to the arts and the creative experience with the students, her programs also promote engaged thinking, ethical citizenship, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

The benefits, however, aren’t only seen by the students. Local school boards, administration, the existing arts program at your school – everyone involved will be inspired by the collaborative, creative process that Barbara’s skill and enthusiasm fosters.

At the conclusion of the Artist in Residency program, your school, and in fact the entire community, will be the proud stewards of not just a an striking piece of piece of art, but the beneficiaries of an inspired, creative, and co-operative student body.

“Barbara was challenged with the daunting task of overseeing a collaborative mural project involving all of our students.  The mural features four large trees as they transition through the four seasons.

Barbara’s natural, intuitive teaching abilities, her encouragement to have the students speak French, her sense of humour, the special treats she brought to the project – all these elements came together to make it a truly special, and successful endeavour.

She provided encouragement and guidance to every student, and thanks to Barbara, everyone involved learned to enjoy and explore the joys of painting and artistic expression.”

Mary –Ellen Crowley –Granger

Elementary and Junior High Art Teacher

Calgary French and International School.  Calgary, AB