“Deeply passionate about art and nurturing the creative process, Barbara is always the top choice when it comes to myself, my family, and everyone I know. She’s a brilliant artist and teacher, and I highly recommend her!”

Rebecca Stares – Psychotherapist and Counsellor, Spirited Connections

“Stardale Women’s Group offers a program with Life Skills and Literacy for urban Indigenous girls ages 10 to 17 years.  Art is a subject most of the girls do not participate in at the schools, due to the lack of funding for the schools to offer art and / or the limited art programming available. Therefore, Stardale had Barbara La Pointe conduct a series of classes and workshops with the girls. We were excited to have the girls learn from a master teacher, with an informed background on knowing how to of impact young lives.

Firstly, I would like to say, how well prepared Barbara is for her classes, which is wonderful to see. She has a keen eye and a quick mind, while facilitating to determine strategies that engage and stimulate the girl’s creative minds.  She offers the girls through her art instruction an opportunity to process their emotions and thoughts as they are transforming a plain canvas into color and design. It is amazing to see how it all unfolds! The girls enjoy her immensely and come away from the classes, feeling as though they have accomplished something worthwhile.

I am eager to see what Barbara will be developing for Stardale in the future. Undoubtedly it will be eye catching and expressive.”

Helen McPhaden – Executive Director, Stardale Women’s Group Inc.

Do you want the young people with whom you work to be filled with hope, wonder and purpose….to find  connection to the space and place they can connect? Through their work with Barbara our students found life-giving and life-transforming opportunities. We support the Barbara La Pointe Art Foundation and believe that art truly will create futures.
Councillor Denise Peterson
Town of Strathmore