Brave Art at Siksika Outreach SchoolSiksika Nation

Therapeutic Arts for Aboriginal Peoples Empowerment, Healing and Wellness

Brave Art -Contemporary program with Traditional Values.

Brave Art is a transformative arts and wellness curriculum designed especially for Aboriginal learners and taught exclusively by Indigenous/First Nations Artists and leading Indigenous Art specialists.  Brave Art was created to exclusively serve Indigenous communities and schools. 

Brave Art’s goals are to:

  • Increase artistic and visual literacy
  • Integrate a therapeutic arts model as a suicide prevention solution
  • Cooperate with cultural initiatives
  • Empower our participants to be powerful agents for change in their communities and as a 21 century global learner.
  • Deeply support Indigenous students in their critical creative capacities
  • Increase awareness between the arts and academic success
  • Integrate a therapeutic arts model as a suicide prevention and a model to positive transformation,  personal growth and success in school and life.
  • Co-partner with Canadian Aboriginal Initiatives
  • Integrate and promote Indigenous Knowledge Research connected to creativity and the arts.
Brave Art is a indigenous arts creative development created by Barbara La Pointe for the purpose of education and spiritual upliftment.