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Entitled Children Created by the Family Courts

Jul 27, 2021

Guest Author: Maryann Petri

Many parents have struggled through the Family Court system and found it has had a detrimental effect upon their children. Unfortunately, they have woken up to the fact that their children have suffered such trauma that they can’t even remember wonderful childhood memories from the age when the Family Court system entered into their lives.

These parents are later confronted as these children get older, that their once loving child that they used to know has suddenly turned into a different person entirely overnight.

What began in the courts and however the case ended did not really involve the “best interest of the child.” The Family Court system is maniacal and driven to perpetuate continuous court hearings, thus generating monetary means for attorneys and judges. The child is just a mere pawn to be used in the hands of the attorneys and the parent with the Personality Disorder.

In the case of a Noncustodial Parent, generally seeing their child/children every other weekend or even once a month, creates it’s own set of issues. As years pass an insidious change in the relationship between the NCP and their beloved child/children has slowly evolved towards a downward spiral. The NCP can’t discipline the child the way they want to because if they do, the child may leave permanently for the CP. 

What has gone on for years, the NCP soon comes to find out much too late, is that their child has been negatively influenced by the Custodial Parent. Some NCP have recognized the symptoms of this abuse happening, have gone back to the courts and were shunned with no relief.

The CP has drastically influenced the children over time putting distaste in their mouths against the NCP because they have the children on a daily basis. Molding the child to eventually hate and have disgust for the NCP, the CP has accomplished what they set out to do all along. Destroy the relationship with the other parent. They have aided in heightening their child’s anger toward the NCP with intense resentment coming out of “nowhere” especially when they reach their late teens and early adulthood.

What has taken place is that these children have taken on the behaviors of the Narcissistic CP. For instance, some of these late teens, young adults have become highly entitled, demanding monetary gifts the NCP is unable to afford or provide them with due to years of financial distress caused by the Family Courts. These young adults essentially have heaped emotional abuse onto the NCP because they feel they should have their desires met, their own car and college paid for. They verbally abuse the NCP because they know that NCP will take this abuse in hopes of eventually having a relationship with them. 

With every letter sent, phone call, or text the NCP continues to have hope. This is what makes the situation so heartbreaking. The NCP will tolerate their child’s silence or verbal abuse to the extreme in hopes that a relationship could be renewed. Thinking contact of any kind with the child could possibly renew the relationship they once had. 

However, the NCP is sadly mistaken. The situation could go three ways: first, either the child will remain silent and stay away altogether. Secondly, they will continually be verbally abusive, harboring anger and resentment toward the NCP based on what picture the Narcissistic CP has painted of the NCP and lies told to them in the past while coming and going in and out of the NCP lives as they please, raising their hopes only to be woefully let down. Third, there is the possibility of reunification. Some of these misled children grow up to realize what really has happened to their lives and desire a relationship with the NCP. That is the best case scenario to hope for.

In the end, the Family Court has caused such damage to families that will affect future generations to come. These young adults are affected in such a way that they can’t even think for themselves much less know what real love is and know how to nurture a loving relationship. The cycle will continue and the divorce rate will continue to climb. The only way to break the cycle is to hold judges and attorneys accountable for allowing orders not to be followed, held accountable for bias as well as for not recognizing personality disorders and the child psychological abuse caused by the Narcissistic parent. 

About Our Guest Author:
Once a Registered Nurse with a happy family, Maryann soon found herself fending off back-to-back accusations of child abuse while losing her children to a biased Family Court system. This eventually led to Parental Alienation. She became a Pro Se Litigant appealing to the Superior Court with a victory that proved life-saving.

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