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Broken Families is a podcast that aims to educate, prepare, and guide adults who are struggling with divorce, parental alienation, and high conflict personalities. Hosted by Andrew Folkler and Barbara La Pointe (with a line up of stellar guests), Broken Families is a solution-focused channel where they discuss actionable steps to empowerment. 

Here, narcissists are powerless, as Andrew and Barbara reveal their manipulative tactics and how to counteract them.

Barbara is honoured to be sharing this platform with Andrew: a professional writer, associate producer for Erasing Family documentary and active guest speaker on Parental Alienation. Andrew experienced parental alienation as a child and he shares his story to help parents struggling with being estranged from their children.


Episode 23 - Re-examining Parental Alienation

In this episode, Barbara and Andrew talk with Parental Alienation expert Joe Goldberg. 

Mr.Goldberg is the Founder and Principal of Goldberg & Associates. His consulting practice is focused on helping to repair parent-child relational problems influenced by conduct that causes estrangement, enmeshment, and parental alienation; many parent-child relational problems also develop because of a hybrid combination of these factors (estrangement, enmeshment and parental alienation).

To learn more be sure to visit his website at

Episode 22 - Transformation After Betrayal

In this episode, Barbara and Andrew discuss betrayal and how to transform yourself from powerless to empowered.

Dr. Debi Silber leads this conversation by sharing her 3 groundbreaking discoveries about betrayal and the 5 proven steps to go from betrayal to transformation.

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Episode 21 - Bringing Back The Intimacy In A Faded Romance

In this episode, Barbara and Andrew bring on relationship and intimacy expert, Lisa Schwaller.

Lisa specializes in bringing back the love and intimacy in fading romance. She breaks down why curiosity is a powerful feeling in a relationship and tackles issues like how to help our partner if they have underlying trauma. 

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Episode 20 - Dismantling Family Court Corruption

In this episode, Barbara and Andrew bring on Maryann Petri to discuss her book Dismantling Family Court Corruption: Why Taking the Kids was Not Enough.

Maryann shares her journey through high conflict divorce, family court, parental alienation and even jail time for high child support in arrears. Maryann continues to stand on her truth as an inspiration to others who have also been hurt by family court.

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Episode 19 - How a Divorce Coach Can Protect You During a High Conflict Divorce

In this episode, Barbara and Andrew dig into high conflict divorce with fellow divorce coach Trish Guise. Trish dives into how her training in New Ways for Families enables her to help her clients better self regulate so they can save money and energy, even in a high conflict divorce.

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Episode 18 - Interview With Dawn McCarty

In this episode, Barbara and Andrew interview Dawn McCarty, a formerly alienated child who reunited with her father in 2016 after 44 years of being separated. Dawn's journey through her emotions and her trauma highlights how many alienated children have a long healing journey ahead of them. Dawn explains how she learned to let her generational trauma stop with her, so that her children did not have to suffer the same fate she did.

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Episode 17 - Interview With Guide Furlani

In this episode, Barbara and Andrew discuss how Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) can be used to help heal trauma. Who better to help us dive deep into this than Guide Furlani, an organic early family history coach who specializes in NLP. Guide shares that words are meaningless in themselves and that true meaning lies in the speaker. He also encourages listeners to recognize the value in both the baby and the bathwater.



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Episode 16 - Interview with Dean Tong

In this episode, Barbara and Andrew discuss false allegations in family court, in particular, child abuse allegations. To help them learn more, Dean Tong is brought on board to explain in detail, the danger a false allegation can bring. Dean Tong is an internationally recognized author and expert witness, with a focus on divorce, child custody, parental alienation, child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual allegations in divorce.

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Episode 15 - Interview with Ashish Joshi

In this episode, Ashish Joshi, a practicing lawyer who specializes in parental alienation, discusses in depth how to prove alienation in family court and what to look out for in an alienation case.  

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Episode 14 - How A Child's Identity Is Impacted By Alienation 

In this episode, Barbara and Andrew address how alienation impacts a child as they grow up. How does this affect their identity? What emotions do they experience? Does the alienated child hate the erased parent? 


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Episode 13 - Interview with Len McEwan

This episode looks at neurofeedback as way to treat trauma. 


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Episode 12 - Interview with Wendy Perry

Parental Alienation Education and Support Specialist

In this episode you will get ideas on setting up a support group.


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Episode 11 - Erased By a Narcissist

The story of Barbara's journey through a high conflict divorce with a narcissist. Barbara uses her experiences to show how much damage and pain a narcissist will inflict on their ex-partner, even after the divorce is finalised.


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Episode 10 - Interview with Carrie Gour

Take Back Your Power with PwrSwitch.
PwrSwitch is an android app that can collect and organize your text and email conversations into a pdf. This pdf can be annotated and highlighted so that you can help your lawyer find key elements in your documented conversations.

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Episode 9 - Interview with Bill Eddy

While many people think a narcisist is just a very self-centered and self-absorbed person, Bill Eddy says it is much more serious.


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Episode 8 - Interview with Penny Tramblay,
Conflict Resolution Expert

This is interview is all about how conflict is inevitable but suffering is optional.


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Episode 7 - Trauma In High Conflict Relationships

In this episode, Andrew and Barbara discuss what trauma is and how it affects us.  They then show some meditation techniques to help deal with trauma.


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Episode 6 - Nine Pitfalls

The title of this episode is "Nine Pitfalls Adults Make When Connecting With Alienated Kids". 


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Episode 5 - Interview Ginger Gentile

The title of this interview is "How To Bridge The Gap Between You And Your Alienated Child".  When your child is alienated, he/she may intentionally be hurtful and distant.


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Episode 4 - High Conflict Divorce

In this episode, Barbara offers advice (8 Steps) about how to talk to your child if you are getting a divorce.


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Episode 3 - High Conflict Personalities

A High Conflict Person is a person who engages in aggressive behavior with the intent on controlling another person regardless of their personal well-being. HCP’s often are looking to engage in conflict so they can throw the other person off balance.


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Episode 2 - Interview with
Jonine Lee Gabay

In this episode, Barbara and Andrew dive deep with special guest speaker, Jonine Lee Gabay on inherited family trauma.


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Episode 1 - Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation (PA) is a form of abuse where a child is programmed to refuse contact with a parent/grandparent/sibling or guardian.



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